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Finally, Oral sun Protection!

Introducing Heliocare

Developed by dermatologists, Heliocare is a new oral capsule derived from   a tropical fern, Polypodium Leukotomus. This potent antioxidant helps to reduce harmful free radicals which can form in the skin during sun exposure.  Heliocare  has been shown in some very convincing, placebo controlled studies involving skin biopsies before and after sun exposure, to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

For maximum benefit, Heliocare should be taken daily for it’s potential anti-aging effects, or just before going in the sun, to enhance the protection offered by sunscreen and clothing.  If you will be in the sun longer than 4 hours consider taking an additional capsule at that point.

  • Natural anti-aging formula
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Daily use recommended
  • 60 day supply in each bottle
  • Available from Dr. Orme for $28.99 plus tax.

Use Heliocare and topical sunscreen every day to help reduce sun damage and premature aging caused by UV rays.


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