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Product Description

Obagi is the Cadillac of cosmeceuticals and we are proud to offer a large selection of outstanding Obagi products.  With decades of research and development, Obagi uses the finest, cutting edge ingredients to formulate their products which are designed to visibly reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines, pigmentation, and general sun damage.

Some of the Obagi line we carry are best used as a daily “system” such as the very popular NuDerm Kit and CRX Kit, while others, including Renova and Regenica can be used as free-standing components of your anti-aging regimen.

Many Obagi  topicals are actually prescription medications and are therefore unavailable at the typical spa or retail outlet.  As a medical office, we are able to legally dispense these products directly to our patients.

Call our office today to schedule your skin examination (generally covered by most insurance plans) and to have your skin evaluated for the best anti-aging regimen for you.


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